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Dec 27, 2012 2:00pm EST
cliff. it is that epa administrator lisa jackson is stepping down. her term really has been marked by battles over things like the keystone xl pipeline and coal fired power plants. just this month alone the epa has enacted rules that will cost businesses billions of dollars in regulation. that's why some may be saying good riddance. let's bring in robert costas. isn't that harsh? listen, you don't have to agree with her. she had her vision and she went for it. what's wrong with that? >> i think it's not harsh at all. this has been one of the most activist administrators in the obama administration. she comes in in 2009. immediately she gets to work on cap and trade. it fails in the senate. since republicans took over the house in 2010, she has not had a lot of success. >> isn't that what she was supposed to do. couldn't you say there was by the election of barack obama a mandate on climate change and environmental reform. >> i disagree. i think ms. jackson would disagree. one of the reasons she's leaving if you read her statement, she seems disappointed that her green agenda has not c
Jan 3, 2013 9:00am EST
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Dec 31, 2012 1:00pm EST
corner of southwest jackson an south la salle. >>> we don't know what to say about this, still apparently, no deal with less than 11 hours to go. the music says it best perhaps. washington has been an absolute circus. now in the center ring in 30 minutes, president obama is set to deliver his remarks, we will have them of course live for you here now on "power lunch." let's look at the countdown clock. if we don't get a deal before time slip slides away, spending cuts and tax hikes are indeed the order of the day on this new year. happy new year, america. i'm sue herrera. we will start with john har wood at the white house in a few minutes. but amman starts us out. >> it seems they are really hashing out details of what to do about the sequester, those are the massive spending cuts. how long you delay those down and otherwise pay for them seems to be the crux of the negotiation going on behind closed doors right now but it is very difficult to find out exactly where these negotiations stand because all sides are being very, very mum. we can tell you that democrats appear to be getting a l
Dec 27, 2012 7:00pm EST
obama team, ep achieve lisa jackson stepping down. can the coal companies finally breathe a sigh of relief? guess what happened in britain when the uk banned handguns. the surprising result that could change the gun control debate. "the kudlow report" start ises right now. >>> the big news tonight, still the developments in washington on the fiscal cliff, eamon javers joins us with the details. >> good evening, meshel. capitol hill sources tell cnbc that congressional leaders are planning to go to the white house tomorrow to meet with president barack obama and it is not entirely clear at this point when that meeting will take place and details are still being hammered out and we saw today a blistering series of rhetorical jabs from one side to the other and it's not clear as a result of all that whether a deal can, in fact, get hammered out in the remaining time before new year's eve and take a listen to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell earlier today explaining the problems he's facing in washington. take a listen. >> the truth is we're coming up against a hard deadline her
Jan 3, 2013 6:00am EST
the journal, 15 million we're supposed to do. mike jackson is somewhere rubbing that all over himself, sitting in a hot tub. >> it's huge, but the question is, how much of because of sandy. >> mike jackson is on tomorrow. >> not me. who is jack thorton? now he's dating some model or something. >> a big, swinging twitter person now. >> he dates models mow. >> and the private market is valuing like 11 -- >> she doesn't think of him as a nerd or geek or anything. she thinks he's the cat's mimi yao. >> as is normal, costco, one of the first retailers to talk about these things, the warehouse giant posting a better than expected 9% rise in same-store sales. let's check on the markets. we're back to 13.4 on the dow. okay. but we are at 13,5, 13.6. >> because of the same reason congress can only move one leg at a time. >> we're only back at 134. >> we got to resolution, but now we know we have another two months. >> it can't go up every day, i guess. but the s&p is actually closer to the high end of the terrain than the dollar is right now. >> what is it, three points away from a fiv
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5